If you start a coaching program in your firm, the senior lawyers who will be coaching need to know as much as possible about the lawyers they will coach. When I start coaching  a new group, I send these coaching questions to help me better understand their practice.
  1. What kind of work do you do? Be specific.
  2. Describe your target market (e.g. who do you want to hire you?)
  3. What do you want the target market to hire you or your firm to do?
  4. What do you consider to be your major strengths as a lawyer (e.g why should your target market hire you or your firm rather than the competition?)
  5. What areas of your client development would you most like to improve in the coaching program?
  6. Have you written and published any articles or books? In what publications? How did you get the articles published? What was the topic? Are you blogging? Please give me the link to your blog.
  7. Have you made presentations at any conferences, conventions or meetings? If so, identify them and describe each presentation.
  8. Are you active in the Bar or in your community? Describe what you are doing and if it has resulted in any business.
  9. How many non-billable hours did you spend in 2016 for your career development and client development and what were the major activities you did with those non-billable hours?
  10. What have you done to expand relationships with your existing clients?
  11. What are your client development goals for 2017?
  12. Have you put together a development plan or business plan to achieve your goals? If so share it with me.
  13. Suppose you plan to spend 20 hours a month on your own development and client development. How do you think you can best spend that time?
  14. What do you think you can do with the other firm members that would contribute to client development?
  15. What is the one thing you can do that you are not doing now that would have the greatest impact on your client development efforts and how can Cordell Parvin help you do it?

Even if your firm does not start a coaching program, these questions are good ones for you to answer to better understand your own practice and the steps you can take to enhance your efforts.