As many of you know I always have my airplane books on my iPad Kindle App  and audiobooks on my iPhone.

Many years ago, I wanted to find books on selling that I thought would benefit the lawyers I was coaching. Believe it or not, I actually found some.

I read “Heavy Hitter Selling” and I listened to “High Trust Selling.”

While both books are on “selling” there was a great deal applicable to the client development you do.

 In “Heavy Hitter Selling” author, Steve W. Martin, describes one of the weekly radio addresses given by Ronald Reagan. I was blown away by how Ronald Reagan created images that undoubtedly connected with his audience. You can get the Kindle version now for only $1.99.

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Martin began by how we all have an inner-dialogue that represents our deepest feelings. He says basically we are always talking to ourselves. (I know that is true in my case.)

He then described how a speaker can connect with that internal dialogue. Then the author launched into Ronald Reagan’s radio address.

Finally, he analyzed it.

Ronald Reagan’s address was not like any presentation you will ever give, so what can you  learn from it?

Take a look at the Heavy Hitter Selling author’s blog: How Ronald Reagan would Change your Sales Presentation.

Here you will find these ideas:

  1. Reagan Would add a Great “Cowcatcher” He captured the audience’s attention with his opening lines.
  2. Reagan Would Use a Captivating “Hook” After the opening he hooked the audience to listen further.
  3. Reagan Would Incorporate Mental Imagery If you are my age you remember when he began a radio address with: “It’s nightfall in a strange town a long way from home. I’m watching the lights come on from my hotel room window on the 35th floor.
  4. Reagan Would Employ “Softeners” What does that mean? Please check out the example Martin gives.
  5. Reagan Would Be Sure to Include Some Humor He was a master at demonstrating he did not take himself so seriously.

I noticed on the web page that Martin has written more books on Heavy Hitting Selling. I bet they are also valuable for lawyers.