Back in 2011, I wrote about a lawyer who came up with a unique holiday gift idea. I wanted to share the post with you again with some additional thoughts.

I wrote earlier about Andrea Anderson in my post Key to Success: Self Confidence and how she successfully developed business by focusing on her strengths. A reader asked me about Andrea’s strengths. She does very well developing relationships with her clients. Here is an example.

In 2007 we talked about holiday gifts and she shared with me that she liked to make wreaths. I suggested that she make wreaths that would be unique for her clients. She did so and they were well received by her clients.

That year she sent me this photo of the wreath she prepared for her rental car company client. Andrea’s husband went to a junk yard and found the logos of cars the rental car company rents. Once again the client loved the wreath and the CEO of the company directed that it be displayed in the lobby of the company offices.

What is the point of this story? Clients hire lawyers because they trust them to handle their legal matters. Once hired, in addition to doing great legal work, find ways to do thoughtful things for your clients. They will remember you and talk about you. Is there something you are passionate about creating that a client might value?

In Church yesterday we discussed the history of some of the Christmas symbols. The wreath was one of them. We learned that back in 1839 Johann Hinrich Wichern used the wreath to educate children about the meaning and purpose of Christmas and to help them count how many days until Christmas.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia history of the wreath.