I read two very interesting opinion pieces a few weeks ago. The first was by New York Times Columnist David Brooks and I suppose it had a political slant to it. He wrote Temerity at the Top. Among other things, he wrote:

Prosperity is often driven by small enclaves of extraordinary individuals that build new industries and amass large fortunes. These driven, manic individuals are frequently unpleasant to be around. But, if your country is not attracting and nurturing them, you’re cooked.

The second column was by David A. Weekly titled: Silicon Valley is stupid (which is why it works). I doubt it was designed to make political points, but he does suggest that the US government is not smart enough to pick winners.  He wrote:

Successful startups often begin with no idea at all. They start with some friends who simply enjoy building things together, without any specific idea of what they are going to build or how they are going to make money at it. It sounds silly, but that’s exactly how Hewlett-Packard began.

I always wanted clients with the entrepreneurial spirit. Clients who were extraordinary and wanted to build the most complicated construction projects. As Brooks and Weekly point out, those clients are out there. I hope you can find them or they find you.