When I am asked what I most enjoyed about coaching, I always respond that I most enjoyed seeing younger lawyers succeed, and knowing I had some small role in their success. I hope I inspired them. I know they inspired me.

Are you inspiring your next generation of lawyers? Here are some suggestions.

  • Get to know them. Get to REALLY know them. I am not just referring to knowing their legal skills. Get to know them on a personal level.
  • Let them really know you.
  • Ask good questions and actively listen to their answers.
  • Help them discover the intersection of their passion, talent and a client need.
  • Help them focus on their strengths and what makes them unique and special.
  • Be open to the idea that they may take a different path to reach success than your path.
  • Encourage them to stretch and get outside their comfort zone. Real development as a lawyer comes from gaining confidence after doing challenging things.
  • Realize that you will actually learn as much, if not more, from them as they will learn from you.

You have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of great lawyers in your firm.