I have a theory based on my own experience with YouTube. My theory is that lawyers neither have time or interest in sitting through an hour-long learning session, especially when there is no CLE credit.

Do you agree?

As you may know, Lateral Link, with whom I am working, has asked me to present a 12-part Rainmaker series.  So far, the longest video is about 36 minutes.

In the first session, I covered Client Development for 2019 and beyond. Here is a link to the first session:


In the second session, I covered How to Prepare a Business Plan that Works. Here is a link to the second session:


In the third session I cover motivation and time management.


It really won’t take you much time to watch the program. I have workbooks/handouts for most, if not all, of the sessions. If you are unable to get the workbook, send me an email cparvin@laterallink.com.