An associate in a larger law firm asked a great question:

Why should I learn client development and try to attract clients, when the clients I would attract the firm would not accept?

I have heard that question from literally hundreds of associates, including several in my old firm. Most associates asking that question know thee decision makers in more attractive clients are not their age.

I learned very early in my career that the time and the effort to attract elephants (attract large business clients) was not greater than the time and effort to attract small game (clients that could not afford to hire me.) I decided not to focus on contract disputes arising on small projects. Instead, I focused on big, complicated, difficult construction projects.

If  feel agree with me, you might ask:

How do I use the time to attract larger business clients?

Here is how I would do it now.

  • Figure out specifically who those clients are
  • Set up Google alerts for each of them
  • FIgure out which associations they belong to and join
  • If the potential clients are local, identify which chariities and community services the company supports and consider getting involved.
  • Most importantly, figure out the potential legal issues they are dealing with that are in your practice area and write and speak on those subjects.