While COVID-19 has not changed the principles of client development: you have to become visible and credible to your target market, build rapport and trust, get hired, get results and provide extraordinary service, the means of accomplishing the principles during COVID have changed.



Were you practicing law in 2000? If so have you given any thought to how different practicing law is today?

In 2000:

  • Getting email was kind of a novel thing and you did not get emails on a portable device
  • None of the articles you had written were downloadable from your website bio
  • You and your target market clients had not done a Google search of you
  • You were not blogging
  • You were not doing podcasts
  • You were not downloading podcasts to your mobile device
  • You were not doing internet radio shows
  • You were not doing webinars
  • You were not posting presentations to YouTube
  • You were not on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and you were not a member or leading a group on any of those pages
  • You were not holding Zoom meetings
  • You were not working from home

The Internet levels the playing field in many ways and gives young lawyers opportunities to become visible and credible to their target market during COVID-19 like never before.

Why? Clients are very busy. They want lawyers to tell them things they did not know and they want it to be timely. You may not be able to tell them in person.

How can you take advantage?

By seeing the potential legal minefields or opportunities before other lawyers, and even better before your target market, and then write or speak about it at just the very time your client needs to know about it using the Web opportunities above to distribute it.

Just imagine if you blogged or did a podcast or Zoom conference about something your clients did not know, but needed to know.

All of a sudden you can become the “go to” lawyer to that group. And then just suppose that group found what you had written or spoken about so helpful that they sent the link to their friends in their industry. What an opportunity.

In 2020, when you are stuck working from home and not meeting clients in person, are you taking advantage of the on-line opportunities to reach clients?