In this the third in the series Shawn Tuma shows how he used social media for marketing in 57 minutes.

Executing the Plan — in 57 minutes you can do these 10 things to market your law practice

Now that I’ve described the tools that I use in Post 2, I will show you exactly what I did in 57 minutes on a Saturday morning:

  1. Had a really big cup of coffee
  2. Wrote a very brief blog post on Business Cyber Risk | Law Blog that linked to and promoted a post I had written the day before (which post linked to and promoted a post from a year ago)
  3. Created an image for the blog post using Canva
  4. Shared the blog post on all the usual sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook) plus 13 selected LinkedIn Groups, Pinterest and Instagram for the fun of it (why not when you created a cool image?)
  5. Read and shared 3 cyberlaw / computer fraud / cybersecurity related articles on Twitter (and set several for auto tweet at a later time)
  6. Read and shared 1 cyberlaw / computer fraud / cybersecurity related articles on LinkedIn
  7. Read and shared 1 cyberlaw / computer fraud / cybersecurity related articles on Google+
  8. Read and shared 7 articles through Fraud 2.0 that then went out via Twitter, the blog Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Google+ (one of which referenced my post from Business Cyber Risk | Law Blog from the day before)
  9. Read, saved to Evernote, and shared The Tricky Business of Law Firms Attracting Online Attention article by Kevin O’Keefe on lawyers and law firms using social media.
  10. Retweeted other people’s content 4 times (a great way for people to recognize you)
  11. Accepted some great LinkedIn connections from people I had met the day before and engaged in a couple of other brief conversations in LinkedIn groups
  12. Talked with my wife intermittently
  13. Wrote a summary of everything I did in Evernote so that I could eventually write this blog post!

There you have it!

In less than one hour you can sit in front of your computer with a nice cup of coffee and do 10 specific activities that help market yourself and your law practice by connecting with and building relationships with other people, writing a substantive blog post to further develop your knowledge about your practice area and help demonstrate that knowledge to others, and generally sharing information that people in your target audience may find valuable. That is high quality marketing and it works.

As you can see, once you have the process in place, it really does not take very long to work your social media activities. Then, once you have made some connections with people you would like to get to know better, you can meet them for coffee, lunch, or at a more strategically appropriate networking event and you will have a lot more to talk about.