It might seem counter-intuitive, but the very best marketing activity you can do to attract clients is to teach them how to avoid the very litigation you would like for them to hire you to do. Why is this effective?

  • Clients want to avoid problems and will appreciate you for showing them how to do it
  • You can build a relationship by teaching your potential clients avoid problems
  • It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your litigation and subject matter expertise
  • When a potential client searches the litigation topic on Google they are more likely to find you

I can’t begin to tell you how many programs I did for highway and bridge contractors on how they could avoid a particular problem. I will share one example with you. On any complicated project, contractors may have claims for additional compensation for changed work, differing site conditions or delays. Owners may have claims against the contractor if the work is not completed on time. Contractors frequently do not recognize a problem in time and do not comply with the contract requirements to succeed with their claim.

I made presentations around the country to contractors on how to set up a contract administration system to anticipate problems before they occur and comply with the contract requirements when they do occur. To get the idea take a look at my Contract Administration Presentation for the Iowa AGC.

So, what is the litigation topic you want to be hired to do? What have you written or presented on how to avoid it?