Our neighbors across the street were on vacation for spring break. We were getting their mail and any packages left on their doorstep. One night they called to ask if a box had been delivered and we went over and found it.

When they got back home, they came over to get the mail and packages and it turned out the box included several bottles of Cakebread wine. That week their company hosted a virtual wine tasting on Zoom with a member of the Cakebread family discussing each bottle of wine.

I believe what made the event unique and special was having a member of the family talk about the wine. I say this in part because a lawyer I coached told me last month he didn’t want to participate in another virtual wine tasting event.

Back in September of last year, Seth Godin wrote a blog titled:  A New Normal. In February Godin wrote: Tilting at Windmills. I especially liked the last sentence where he said:

Every normal is a new normal, until it is replaced by another one.

I could tell you what the new normal in client development was 20 years ago. One example is that law firms had finally developed websites.  Those of you who were practicing then, can think about what it was like in 2001 what is no longer normal in 2021.

In 2021 I believe you have to figure out what is important to each individual client to know, why it is important for that client and how can you best communicate it to that specific client.

Have you heard of individualization marketing? If not take a look at this discussion: Marketing evolution: From personalization to individualization.


To accomplish the what, why and how, what is the new normal for lawyers? I believe in 2021, you must:

  1. Narrow your market of potential clients and become visible and credible to them.
  2. Know your clients’ industry, business and the client representative’s special needs.
  3. In 2021 it is more important than ever to anticipate client problems, opportunities and changes resulting from COVID, the 2020 election and other new issues or changes  before other lawyers and even before your clients.
  4. When you successfully anticipate a legal issue that will impact your clients figure out how your clients can best deal with the legal issue and blog or create an on-line program to share your knowledge.
  5. If you or your firm is doing any kind of virtual client development event, make it unique and special.
  6. Find new ways to personalize any client development activities by knowing the needs of each individual client.
  7. Discover what each individual client believes is extraordinary service and deliver that and more.