As you know, I am presenting webinars each month as part of the Lateral Link Rainmaker series.  As you will discover in our series, each of you is different and as a result, you may follow a different path to becoming a rainmaker in your firm. But, here are some traits, I hope you share in common. 


  • Are optimists and believe in themselves
  • Have a clear idea of what they want
  • Are good lawyers always striving to get better
  • Really care about their clients
  • Are empathetic and understand their clients’ needs
  • Are likable
  • Are focused
  • Set goals, develop a plan and use their non-billable time to invest in their future
  • Are patient and don’t give up
  • Choose their clients wisely
  • Are team players

If you want more information on the Rainmaker series, check out this article: Lateral Link Presents the Rainmaker Series.