Greetings from Fort Myers, FL where I am visiting the Henderson Franklin lawyers today thanks to one of the most enthusiastic marketing directors I have ever met- Gail Porter Larmache.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to a great day. Oh, I should also add that it will be a great day because the Virginia Tech defense held the Georgia Tech offense scoreless for the last three quarters last night leading to a 23-21 victory.

Enough about Florida and Virginia Tech football, let’s get to our topic today. Thinking about Gail’s positive, upbeat attitude, caused me to write about this topic.

Look at some of your recent letters to clients. Did you end a letter with: “If I can help further, please do not hesitate to call me.” I would be surprised if you get a call.

In How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less Nicholas Boothman recommends you use positive language. I recommend the book to lawyers I coach. It is a quick read and well worth the time.

celebrate people

In a CBS Early Show Interview, Boothman gives a specific example:

It’s no good saying to my daughter, ‘Don’t mess up your room,’ when I mean, ‘Tidy your room.’ If you say to a customer, ‘Don’t hesitate to contact me,’ they don’t know what you mean. What you really mean is, ‘Phone me Friday,’ or, ‘Call me if you need some help.”‘

So, next time you write a letter consider ending your next letter with: “If I can help further, please call me.”

P.S. Are you a golfer? When you are on the tee with water in front of you, are you thinking you do not want to hit the ball in the water? If you are, you are more likely to hit the ball in the water than if you were focusing on where you actually do want to hit the ball.