In my experience talking to business clients and from reading surveys, here is what I believe most business clients think:

  • They hire lawyers rather than law firms.
  • A lawyer gets considered based on recommendations, reputation and profile.
  • At some point after the recommendation the lawyer’s website bio is reviewed, a Google search is done either searching the lawyer’s name or the legal topic.
  • A lawyer gets hired based her ability to convey trust she is the lawyer to handle the particular matter and based on developing rapport with the client’s decision makers.
  • They are looking for their lawyer to be a “partner” with them to handle the matter.
  • The General Counsel wants no surprises.
  • In surveys as many as 75% of the Fortune 1000 General Counsel’s have said they are dissatisfied with their present outside law firm and would replace the firm if they thought any other firm would do better.
  • Business clients are generally not dissatisfied with the quality of the work or the hourly rates of the senior lawyers.
  • Business clients do not want to pay to educate first and second year lawyers.
  • Business clients are dissatisfied over the lawyers’ lack of knowledge of the industry, company and decision makers, the lack of innovation and the lack of quality service including responsiveness.

Just imagine if your business clients thought your firm was outstanding and started telling other businesses.