Recently I received a really nice handwritten note from an Atlanta lawyer. He said:

Cordell. We’ve never met, but I’ve been following (and recommending) your blog for years. I wanted to thank you for providing me with good info and continued motivation in my business development efforts.

I loved practicing law. My clients were my friends and my friends were my clients.

Yet, I gave up my law practice at the peak of my career because I enjoyed helping younger lawyers in my law firm succeed even more.

My mission in writing this blog, sharing ideas on a coaching page on Facebook and posting on Twitter is to help you become a more successful lawyer, develop more business, use your time most effectively and have fun in the process.

I have a favor to ask: I want you to share with me:

  1. Learn Istock.jpgWhat have you learned from reading the materials I post?
  2. What changes have you made?
  3. Have you seen any results?
  4. What would you like for me to teach you?
  5. Would you be interested in participating in our Video Group Coaching Program with three group telephone coaching sessions to learn how to:
    1. Create a plan with goals and actually work the plan
    2. Raise your visibility and credibility to your target market and referral sources
    3. Build relationships and get hired