This week I am speaking to a law firm’s junior associates and senior associates on client development. What do you think junior associates should be learning about client development?

Take a look at this video for some of my thoughts:

I will be in Los Angeles next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was supposed to be a golf trip with Nancy, but she injured her knee in a golf tournament and had surgery last Friday. I may cancel my trip as well. Before I do, I have an offer for you.

If your firm has a Los Angeles office, and we can work out the timing, I will do a program on client development or career planning for your associates. If you do not have a Los Angeles office and want to conduct a program on client development for your junior associates, take a look at this presentation: Client development in a Nutshell: What You Need to Learn and Practice for Long Term Success. I would be happy to provide the handout materials to you.

I hope to see one, or more of you next week.