You have content you created that you could give away in blogs, articles, and presentations. You may wonder whether you are “giving away” too much. Lawyers I coached asked me:

  1. When you created content for clients and gave it away, weren’t you worried about your competitors stealing it?
  2. When you created content and gave it away weren’t you worried your clients and potential clients would use the free information and not hire you?

I am sure you know my answer: NEVER. Not one time did I ever worry about competitors stealing my stuff or clients getting what they can for free and not hiring me.

Design-Build.pngLet’s just take an example of a topic I have written about many times. There came a time when highway and bridge construction contractors needed to know about design-build method of project delivery. I wrote a lengthy guide and made presentations across the country.

I was hired by contractors to work on design-build projects all over the United States. It would have never happened if I had not given away content.

I will leave you with a point I have made several times. I believe the first time I read it was in a book by Scott Ginsberg.

Today, it is not what you know. It is not who you know. It is about who knows what you know.

Giving away content and using social media tools to give it away increases the number of people who know what you know.