Several lawyers I coach prefer not to write or speak to industry groups. Instead they want to focus on building relationships. Michael Gillman, a real estate partner with Looper Reed & McGraw’s Dallas office is one of those lawyers.

While Michael does not write or speak to industry groups, he has a passion for hunting and fishing and enjoys taking clients, potential clients, referral sources and friends fishing and hunting with him. Each year Michael, his father and his son go on a special three generation fishing trip together.

One time Michael shared with me that he thought he was having a bit of a problem with his fly fishing casting. He drove hours to spend just 30 minutes with a casting coach. I gave Michael a hard time about it. I told him that if he was as passionate about client development as he was about fishing he would have several million dollars in business.

The point of Michael’s story is there are a variety of ways to get business. One size does not fit all. Michael’s passion for hunting and fishing and his likeability make it natural for him to build relationships with people who share his passion.

What are you passionate about? Do potential clients and referral sources share your passion?