I was really lucky, you don’t have to be.

In 1981 I gave a presentation to Virginia contractors at their annual meeting. An executive from the national association heard me speak and invited me to speak at their contractors’ annual meeting in 1982. That led to many presentations for different state contractor associations. My last presentation to a state association was in 2008.

A couple of years later, the editor of Roads and Bridges magazine asked if he could interview me after he heard me speak to another national contractors’ association. I said: “Sure, but why don’t you have me write a monthly column for your magazine instead.” I started the column the next month.

Speaking to a contractor state association led to speaking to a contractor national association, which led to speaking to many other contractor state and national associations, which led to me writing a monthly column for Roads and Bridges for 25 years.

That was “old school, ” and I was very fortunate. Think of the luck. Just suppose the national association executive had not heard me speak at the Virginia meeting. Or, just suppose the magazine editor had not heard me speak, or had not approached me after I had made my presentation.

You do not have to be so fortunate. Today, you do not need to find a publication  to get a column or article published.  When news important to your clients breaks, you do not have to wait two months to get an article published. With blogging you can create your own publishing platform. You also do not have to wait to be asked to speak to an industry association. You can create a webinar, you can put presentation slides on slideshare. You can shoot video of a presentation and create a link to the video.

The opportunities for potential clients to hear you or read what you have written are far greater now. Do not squander this incredible opportunity you have to reach your target market. And, when you reach those potential clients, realize you have one chance to blow them over with your knowledge of their business, the legal issues that impact them and what you have to offer them.