Is your law firm finding ways to market your junior partners?

I loved coaching those partners because I believed they had the greatest opportunity to double or triple the amount of business they brought in to their firms.

When I met with junior partners, or even associates in a law firm for the first time, I had the group set a group goal. One of the first groups I coached set a group goal of doubling the volume of business they originated in two years. Needless to say the firm leaders were ecstatic when the group actually tripled the amount of business they originated. Many of those lawyers are top rainmakers in their firm today.

Your junior partners can find the same kind of success if you put together a group of them and follow the ideas on coaching I have expressed in this blog over many years.

Why would it be possible to accomplish this in 2021? Here is one reason to consider.

If you are a long time reader you know I found Robert Cialdini’s ideas very helpful. He, along with others, wrote  Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.

The 7th scientifically proven way was titled:

“How can a new superior product mean more sales of an inferior one?”

The authors describe that Williams-Sonoma started offering a bread-making machine that was far superior to a best-selling bread maker that they stocked. Yet, when they added this new product to their inventory, sales of their existing best-seller nearly doubled. Why?

Put simply, consumers favor compromise choices between the most and least expensive. Don’t you do that when you pick a hotel room? I rarely if ever pick the most expensive room or pick the least expensive room.

I realize there are some “bet the company” legal matters where the hourly rate of the lawyer doesn’t matter. But, many business clients are trying to reduce outside legal fees.

While in the past they may have wanted your senior partner. Today, one of your more junior partners may be able to do the same work effectively.  Is your firm marketing those junior partners. Further, do your junior partners have a business plan? Are they making the efforts to market themselves?