A friend of mine once shared his “10 Characteristics of Successful Law Firms” and gave me permission to share his list with you.

  1. Have a comprehensive business plan (“play book”) and review and update the business plan on an ongoing basis.
  2. The client comes first. Without clients, there is no reason for a law firm

When I was a Jenkens and Gilchrist partner, our firm hired a consulting firm and paid them a lot of money to mostly tell us what we already knew.

One consultant told me I should “sell” our labor and employment lawyers and our environmental lawyers to my construction contractor clients. I replied that if we

Over the Christmas week, I read an Altman Weil report: 2018 Law Firms in Transition An Altman Weil Flash Survey.

It is certainly worth reading. I found this quote interesting:

Most law firms continue to plan for short-term, incremental improvements in performance, while deferring or slow-walking more forward-looking actions to address long-term, systemic threats.