I believe I owe a great deal of my success to being able to figure out what would happen in the future that would impact my clients and potential clients.

In October, I heard a presentation by Fareed Zacharia. I sat listening to his view of how the world is changing and for each point he made I visualized the impact on law firms.

On December 26, while I worked out I watched Zacharia’s CNN GPS show. This week he repeated “Restoring the American Dream.” I believe you can download and watch the entire episode here. If you are unable to actually watch it, you can read the transcript here. As you will discover, the episode included extensive interviews with four top CEOs.

I urge you to watch and think about how your clients might be impacted if our country tries to restore the American Dream. It is clear to me that our country will need to re-train many workers who had jobs that will never come back to America. To restore the American Dream our country will want to invest in research for new technologies that will, among other things produce new jobs. We will want to invest and improve the teaching and education of our next generation. We will want to especially focus efforts on math and science. As I recall from the show, approximately 40% of the advanced degrees in math and sciences are awarded to foreign students, who as soon as they finish must leave the country. Isn’t it likely our country will want them to stay after they attend our universities?

Watch the show and write down what you see that will impact your business or individual clients.