A friend of mine once shared his “10 Characteristics of Successful Law Firms” and gave me permission to share his list with you.

  1. Have a comprehensive business plan (“play book”) and review and update the business plan on an ongoing basis.
  2. The client comes first. Without clients, there is no reason for a law firm

I have been asked to speak at many firm retreats over the years since I left my law firm. I have talked about a wide variety of topics ranging from strategic planning, marketing and client development, cross-selling, attorney development and blogging/social media.

What is on the agenda of your next firm retreat? A few months

Is your law firm all you want it to be? Have you thought about what you want your firm to be?

Alone Businessman.jpgWhen I practiced law I wanted my law firm to be like this:

  • Puts its clients first and focuses on providing extraordinary service to those clients. The firm has client and industry based teams.