Angie Davis is a Labor and Employment lawyer from Memphis I coached a few years ago. Angie put a lot into the coaching and got a lot out of it. She recently shared with me a change she made that is paying off for her:

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Cordell’s coaching is that you are never going to become a rainmaker sitting in your office and waiting for others to bring you work.  This strategy might enable you to meet your billable hour requirement and reach the heights of “worker bee”, but not “rainmaker.”

You absolutely must get out of your office to become a rainmaker.  I spend my client development time focusing on two types of clients – ones I already work with and ones with whom I want to work.  I must grow and build those relationships with the clients I already have by going to visit them at their offices, going to lunch, offering to do a roundtable or share with them a presentation I am already doing for an event/other client.

As for the potential clients, I work on growing my resume and recognition by speaking, writing, and attending events where those clients (or potential referring lawyers) will be present. I rarely, if ever, turn down a speaking opportunity. I also don’t turn down the opportunity to serve on a board, volunteer at church or even just to attend a social gathering as I never know what types of referrals might grow from those connections.  This requires me to actually “get out” of my office and into the offices of clients (or potential clients).  While it is a non-billable time commitment, it is an investment in my professional career that has been well worth it.

Angie is a great example of a lawyer striving to become more valuable to her current clients and striving to become better known to potential clients and referral sources. She works at it each and every day and is enjoying the opportunities to get out of the office.