Greetings from New Orleans where I will be spending the day with a law firm. I have a busy two weeks. On Friday I will be in Fort Myers, FL. Next week I will be visiting law firms in Toronto and Montreal.

When I return, Nancy and I will be substitute grandparents on Grandparents Day

Mentoring was a hot lawyer development topic prior to the 2008 recession. I was asked several times to help firms with mentoring programs. Now, I rarely see anything written about it.

Mentoring Visual

Yesterday I received this email from Natalie, with questions about mentoring:

Cordell, I recently thought about your article where a partner mentored you

Many law firms have formal mentoring programs. Few law firms think about what attributes mentors should have to make the mentoring relationship valuable for the mentee and the firm.

If you could only pick three, attributes, which of these would you say are most important?

  • Principle Centered
  • Trustworthy
  • Ethical
  • Role models
  • Committed
  • Patient
  • Understanding
  • Respectful