Over the years I have written many times on Ritz Carlton service, including a recent post. I wanted in this post to share another Ritz Carlton story. Since Ritz Carlton is so different than a law firm, what will you learn that you can apply to your practice?

  1. Ask good questions
  2. Listen carefully to answers

I recently did a presentation for a law firm on client service. One thing I shared was clients may not easily recognize the quality of your legal work, but they can easily recognize the quality of your service and it begins with your staff.

I published this blog in 2011. It is worth reading again

I was recently asked what was one important thing I learned about building loyal client relationships. Great question. I responded:

Clients cannot always recognize great legal work, But, they can always recognize a lawyer and law firm who cares about them and makes every effort to provide exceptional client service.

When was the last time

This week I have been focusing on client service. As I have suggested in earlier posts, in a crowded legal market it is hard for a lawyer or law firm to distinguish herself ot  itself from other equally talented lawyers and law firms. If you are looking for ways to do it, think about what