If you are a regular reader, you know that I rarely learned about client service from observing what law firms were doing. I focused on what other service business leaders were doing. I  write frequently about the service I receive at Ritz Carlton hotels. You may also know I read  The New Gold Standard, the book about Ritz Carlton service by Joseph A. Michelli.

Long ago, Ritz Carlton decided they wanted to create “the new gold standard” for the hotel industry. They sought first to define what that meant and ever since they have tried to live and work to that standard every single day.

I urge you to buy the book and highlight the points and stories that resonate with you. Here is one of the many I like:

The Ritz Carlton, South Beach had many guests who boarded five motor coaches bound for the 2007 Super Bowl at Dolphin Stadium. During the game there was a steady rain. Back at the South Beach Ritz Carlton, the ladies and gentlemen brainstormed how to take care of their wet guests. The laundry team prepared 300 heated towels. The front office contacted the motor coach drivers and found out where they were parked. The guest services team loaded the towels into hotel cars and two food and beverage team members drove them to the waiting motor coaches at the stadium. After the game the guests found the warm folded towels with the familiar Ritz Carlton logo waiting for them in the bus seats. When the guests arrived back at the hotel they were greeted with umbrellas and led back to the warm, relaxed, and dry ambience with hot chocolate and coffee.

This is another story of Ritz Carlton employees anticipating a problem and offering a solution before their guests identified the problem. As you are reading the book, think about what you and your firm could do to become the new gold standard for lawyers and law firms. How would you define it? Better yet, how would your clients define it? How would make sure your lawyers and staff live and work to that standard each and every day?  I would love to hear your ideas.