How many lawyer bloggers are there now? I know there are several thousand. Yet, how many of those bloggers are connecting with their dream clients through their blog? I suggest there are very few. You can be one of the few.

Your blog readers like to read stories. Are you writing with that in mind?

Take a look at this Copyblogger suggestion: The 5 Things Every (Great) Marketing Story Needs. You will see:

  1. You need a hero-Your ideal client
  2. You need a goal-Avoiding this problem or taking advantage of an opportunity
  3. You need an obstacle-The government, competitors
  4. You need a mentor-You
  5. You need a moral-The top companies take positive action to avoid trouble
Are you still stuck? Let me give you a specific example. After Enron and WorldCom scandals (See: The 10 Worst Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time) the government turned its attention to the construction industry and some other industries.  If I had been blogging I could have written a story. In short form it would have had these five elements.
  1. You, like most contractors would never purposely do anything that would get your company into trouble with the federal or state government.
  2. A contractor’s survival depends on many things, including first and foremost staying out of trouble.
  3. After Enron and WorldCom the federal government has announced its intention to go after contractors.
  4. Ethics and Compliance Programs with these elements can reduce your risk of making a mistake
  5. Ethics and Compliance mean both survival and profitability for your company
Want some other tips? Take a look at my Practical Lawyer article: Practical Tips To Make Your Blog More Valuable.