Are you blogging strategically? If not, other than having fun writing, why are you blogging?

Take a look at this blog written by Roanoke, Virginia lawyer Jay O’KeeffeThe Hardest Part of Arguing in the Fourth Circuit–And Three Ways to Handle It.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.44.41 AMIn addition to having some fun writing it. He has answered the four questions I suggest to bloggers:

  • Who is the intended reader-an in-house lawyer or trial counsel who has a potential appeal
  • Why should the reader care-If the appeal is to the 4th circuit they want to know how to navigate and potentially win there.
  • What is the takeaway-Arguing before the 4th Circuit is tricky because of the diversity of the judges
  • What does Jay want the reader to think about him and/or his law firm? That he  has argued many times before the 4th Circuit and has figured out some important strategy.

Jay and two of his colleagues just recently started their own firm in Roanoke, Johnson, Rosen & O’Keeffe. I coached Josh, Brooke and Jay and I am confident they will develop a great practice together.