I recently wrote: Key Marketing Tip: You Have to Be Curious to Create Your Own Opportunities. That is the first step to building your opportunities. The second step is for your potential clients to know what you know.

My latest podcast interview is with Lizzette Zubey,  a lawyer I coached who is now in-house. When I asked her what she knows now that she wished she had known when she was in private practice, her answer was something I have heard many times before:

I’ve found here that we are looking for counsel that knows our industry, our business and is an expert in the niche area we need help in.  Cost is an afterthought.

Blogging is simply the easiest, most efficient and most effective way for you to demonstrate to your target market that you know their industry, their business and that you are an expert in the niche area they need help in.

I urge you to listen to Lizzette for a second reason. She got a lot out of the coaching program because she put so much into it. Listen to her describe how she strived to learn and get outside her comfort zone.