I have coached 100s of lawyer bloggers. Some are doing it really well. Others have found it challenging. They aren’t attracting the readers they desire.

Over the years several law firms have asked me to come in and do what I call a Bloggers Bootcamp for their lawyers. If your firm has bloggers, please either

Are your struggling to connect with your clients and dream clients with your blog? I may have some help for you today.

If you are a regular reader, you know I have been working on a novel since January 2014. I’ve taken courses at Collin County Community College. I’ve taken on-line courses offered  by University

I’ve coached at least 100 lawyers who are blogging.

You likely recall that I describe blogging as a conversation with the reader designed to build rapport and a trust based relationship.

I tell lawyers you can’t do that if you write a blog like it is a brief for a federal circuit court. You need

Is your blog search engine and reader friendly?

I ask because I was looking at a well known firm’s blog posts. I thought the headlines were extraordinarily too long for search engines and social media, the font was too small and the paragraphs too long.



How long should your headline be? For an idea,

I have long ago lost count of how many lawyer blogs I have read.

Many firms where I have coached had no blogs before I started coaching there and now they have well over 10 blogs. You might be a lawyer in one of those firms.

Recently I was asked why lawyers who are blogging

How many lawyer bloggers are there now? I know there are several thousand. Yet, how many of those bloggers are connecting with their dream clients through their blog? I suggest there are very few. You can be one of the few.

Your blog readers like to read stories. Are you writing with that in mind?