I have coached 100s of lawyer bloggers. Some are doing it really well. Others have found it challenging. They aren’t attracting the readers they desire.

Over the years several law firms have asked me to come in and do what I call a Bloggers Bootcamp for their lawyers. If your firm has bloggers, please either consider having me to a bootcamp for them, or at the least have them check out the slides from one bootcamp here.

Blogging Tips

When I coach bloggers, I suggest that the first key is to make their blog easy to read on a computer, tablet and even a smart phone. If you are a regular reader, you might recall last August I posted: Blog: Is Yours SEO and Reader Friendly?

Unfortunately, in spite of my suggestions in that post, most lawyer blogs I see are not easy to read because:

  • The blog is too long
  • The font is too small and not easy to read
  • The paragraphs are too long
  • There’s not enough whitespace
  • They don’t use visuals

I can go on, but you get the idea.

Just to show I’m not the only one harping on readability, I want you to check out: 8 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Are Hard to Read (And How to Fix ‘Em).

If you are a lawyer blogging, I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to see what are the 8 reasons. I think you will see the suggestions are remarkably similar to some I made in my Practical Lawyer Column: Practical Tips To Make Your Blog More Valuable what I have been pushing you to do for many years.

I’m curious: Look at your last blog post. How many of the 8 reasons your blog is hard to read would apply to your blog post?