CMP Coaching 2 Males.jpgIf you are a regular reader, you might have been surprised to see the new blog page. Why have I changed it? First, when I practiced law, I was leery of “consultants.” So, having a blog titled lawconsultingblog did not really fit well. I teach and coach lawyers and other professionals. My name, “Cordell” is unique enough that most lawyers who meet me remember it. So, we’ve changed the name.

Second, I wanted it to be easier for readers to find my articles, videos and presentations and to connect with me on LinkedIn, my Facebook coaching page and Twitter. So, if you look to the right side of the page you will find those links.

As you know, I frequently quote Seth Godin. One of my favorite quotes is: “Being best in the world is seriously underrated.” LexBlog is simply the best in the world for law blogs. Thanks to all the LexBlog professionals, especially Brett Keenan for doing a great job with the redesign.