Baby boomers: Are you a steward for your firm’s next generation? Younger lawyers: Are your firm’s baby boomers acting as stewards for your generation?

What does it mean to be a steward for your firm’s next generation?  I pondered that question in my 50s when I decided to write down my core values-how I wanted to live. I feel confident that I got the idea from reading something Stephan Covey had written.

I learned that you do not create core values, you actually discover them. Here is the list of my core values that I discovered. As you will see, being a steward for my firm’s next generation was one of them.

My Core Values

  • Honesty, integrity, ethical and respectful
  • Never content, a relentless search for better ways to serve “nothing fails like success”
  • Always learning
  • Commitment to excellent work
  • Have fun
  • Stewardship – hold something in trust for our next generation. Choose service over self interest
  • Provide client centered service with highly trained people and maximum use of technology
  • Inspire lawyers and staff and provide maximum opportunities for them
  • Recognize the uniqueness of each individual and cherish differences
  • Free, open and honest communication
  • Family-focused, supportive with unconditional love
  • Health and fitness
I confess. I can look back now and think of the many ways I fell short of being the person I wanted to be. But, I was definitely a steward for the next generation of lawyers in my firm.

What does it mean to be a steward? The Bible has many discussions. Take a look at: The Bible on stewardship: key passages. When I decided to give up my law practice I wrote: Roads & Bridges Article- 3 Highway Contractors about men in my father’s generation who had been stewards for me.

Ok, I still have not specifically addressed what it means for baby boomer lawyers. Here are my thoughts:

  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Providing feedback
  • Introducing younger lawyers to top client representatives
  • Letting the next generation take the lead on a project
  • Passing your clients on to the next generation
  • And, finally, not feeling threatened by your change in client relationships