Just suppose, just suppose I was there to hold you accountable and make sure you stick with it after we finished working together. Could I use Twitter to be there and keep you on target?

You might be curious why I am asking if I could use Twitter to keep you motivated. There are two reasons. First, I frequently hear from lawyers I have coached that after we finish working together they find it more challenging to stay motivated. Second, recently read a Dallas Morning News article: Can Twitter make you fitter?

The article focuses on Pat Wagner, a 60 year old who is said to be a living example of how social media can keep you fit. Steven Williams, Wagner’s personal trainer uses Twitter to keep those he is training motivated. I read:

Williams frequently sends out motivational quotes and reminders or posts pictures of a workout or healthy meal. It’s a not-so-subtle message for clients who, like Wagner, might be lacking motivation…

Williams’ social media sites are also a means for his clients and other visitors to Gold’s Gym Uptown, where he works, to connect with one another. He’s seen them share best practices and lean on one another through particularly tough workouts.

So, here is my question for you: How can I better use Twitter to keep you motivated and taking action and connect you with other lawyers I coach?