I want to write a few posts that focus on career success and life fulfillment. Over many years I studied and personally experienced my own definition of career success and life fulfillment. While each of you is unique, there are certain principles that apply to all of you. So, let’s get started.

Have you taken

A lawyer recently complained about young lawyers who were working on projects for her. She said:

They grew up getting trophies for participation and now they think they deserve praise for mediocre work. They just touch the surface and I have to spoon feed them to go deeper.

I don’t know whether that is a

Have I ever told you I hated going to events and conferences? I only went if I was speaking, and I always tried to arrange my presentation so it was before the cocktail party.

Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn’t. I remember when I was asked to speak at a Maryland Bar Association Annual Meeting