What is the this you really need to do? Let them practice the following and shoot video and then critique.

  • The first and last two minutes of a presentation.
  • A mock meeting with a potential client.
  • A mock pitch to a client.
  • You might even video a mock networking event.

Why do you REALLY need to do this? Your lawyers need to:

  • See their body language.
  • See their facial expression, what they do with their hands, whether they stand and sit straight. I can go on, but you get the idea.
  • See their energy level.
  • Help them become less fearful and nervous by practicing.

You may want to start with having your young lawyers watch this Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy Ted Video:

For several years, I worked with a large firm on an associate retreat. A firm partner and I (mostly the firm partner) created a fictitious client and factual situation. At the retreat the associates were divided into four pitch teams. During the day they prepared a presentation for the fictitious client and in the evening they socialized with each other.

In the morning of the second day each team made its presentation to a mock client team. Video was shot of each presentation. During lunch, I worked with the professional videographer to make clips of the parts of each presentation that were well done. Then, after lunch the entire group talked about the clips.

It was great fun for me and I am confident the lawyers found the experience valuable.