quarters.jpegA friend asked why me why so few law firms have client development coaching programs. My answer was simple:

Some law firms look at client development coaching as a cost rather than a revenue producer.

As you may know, I set up a client development coaching program for new partners in my old law firm. We set a goal of doubling the total business of the new partners in two years. After we achieved the goal in one year, I decided I wanted to work with lawyers on client development full time.

A few years ago I did a series of presentations for Legal Marketing Association (LMA) chapters on how to set up a wildly successful client development coaching program in their firm.

Knowing that even if I made awesome presentations, the legal marketing professionals would go back to skeptical firm leaders and partners, I concisely shared what a firm should experience from a coaching program. Here is my short list:

  2. Make its next generation of partners and firm leaders more focused on client development.
  3. Develop individual and group responsibility and accountability.
  4. Make client development a greater part of the firm’s culture.
  5. Help each lawyer in the program determine the client development efforts that will work most effectively for him or her.
  6. Ensure that each lawyer in the program is taking action.
  7. Increase business with existing clients and bring in new clients.
  8. Enable lawyers within the program to get to know each other better, to work effectively as a team, and to collaborate on their client development efforts.

If you have a partner who is interested in teaching and coaching lawyers in your firm, you have a great opportunity to create a wildly successful coaching program.