You likely know I loved coaching lawyers, and when they tell me what they have achieved, it is even more fulfilling. Several lawyers I coached years ago are now top rainmakers or firm leaders in their law firms. Several groups of lawyers I coached still get together at their firm retreats.

Your law firm should consider client development coaching in 2019 for a variety of reasons.

  • Business Clients have changed.  Business clients are no longer local and no longer loyal. Many have moved work in-house and they have way more lawyers to choose from and way less time to choose.
  • Practicing law has changed. Lawyers have many more choices of client development activities and have way less time to do any of them. When there are lots of choices and less time to do what is chosen the natural thing to do is nothing.
  • Your lawyers have Less time. In 2019, in many firms, young lawyers are billing lots of hours and they want to spend more time with their families. How wisely they spend their personal time will determine the quality of their lives. How wisely they spend their non-billable time will determine the quality of their careers.
  • Many of your lawyers don’t know where to start. In many law firms, young lawyers were encouraged to work hard, do quality work, and not worry about client development. Those lawyers either never start client development efforts, or they start, get frustrated, and quit.

Coaching helps lawyers make the right choices, narrow their focus, and use their time wisely. Coaching also helps lawyers be accountable.

Why will client development coaching help create the next generation of rainmakers in your law firm?

First, your lawyers will own it. Lawyers do not want to be told what to do. They want to feel in control. In coaching your lawyers will get out of it what they choose to put into it. They get to choose.

Second, coaching focuses on your lawyers establishing and achieving their goals. Coaching provides both assistance and accountability.

Third, the coach will help your lawyers figure out what will work best for them. That means they will not waste time pursuing client development ideas that won’t work and your lawyers will less likely get frustrated in the process.