I have struggled this year with on-line church. In the past I have struggled with on-line Spanish classes and on-line writing classes. I guess I am old fashioned in that I need to be there in person to stay attentive.

Teaching, training and coaching lawyers on client development has never been more challenging. This year, more than any, you’ve got to deliver the training/coaching in bite sized pieces.

Over the years starting when I was still a partner in my law firm, I gave many presentations on client development at law firm retreats, state bar meetings, ABA meetings and in webinars. You may have participated in one of those presentations.

Some people said I motivated and inspired young lawyers and gave them practical tips they could implement to bring clients into the firm. While that was a kind compliment, and I beamed when I heard it, I realized that no matter how well I connected with the lawyers during a presentation, very few lawyers would retain the information and even fewer would actually make the changes necessary to apply what they have learned.

To teach, encourage and get your young lawyers more involved in client development, break down your training into smaller components and let them implement those components a piece at a time.

After all, you are not teaching them how to do a client development crash diet. Instead you are teaching them how to make a life style change.

Want some examples? You can reach out to me and I will be happy to share ideas with you. That said, I would start with how to prepare a business plan that works and implement it.