Earlier this year I wrote a column for The Practical Lawyer titled: Practical Tips To Make Your Blog More Valuable. My column included many ideas I share with the lawyers I coach who are blogging.

Craig Martin, a construction law partner with the Omaha firm, Lamson, Dugan and Murray. I worked with Craig a few years ago. He is a great example of a lawyer who has made his blog more valuable.  Earlier this month his blog, Construction Contractor Advisor, was awarded the 2014 Best Construction Blog by Construction Marketing Ideas. The 2014 Best Construction Blog competition: Construction Contractor Advisor wins:

“Great stuff from a lawyer – meaning I can understand it!,” wrote judge New Jersey-based marketing consultant Michael Jeffries.

Isn’t that the first key to making your blog more valuable? It should be written so your business clients easily understand it. I asked Craig to share some of his thoughts on blogging. Here is what he said:

I began working with Cordell in 2010. During one of our first meetings, he mentioned his blog and the benefits that he had seen from blogging. It took me well over a year to buy into his suggestion, but I can now say I am a true convert.

I am the primary author of the Construction Contractor Advisor Blog. This blog has become one of my most substantial and effective marketing efforts. I not only get an opportunity to get my name in the public domain as a construction industry lawyer, but I am also able to engage in a conversation with my potential clients when they are considering our firm. I am frequently surprised when I ask, how did you find me and they reply that they read a blog post I had written.

I am a better lawyer because I blog. Blogging forces me to stay on top of the latest cases and trends in the construction industry and figure out how they might impact clients and potential clients.

I have always scoured the Internet and various publications, but, I now read these articles and cases with an eye towards creating a blog post. Once I find an important topic, I sit down to write about it in a way that construction industry readers will find interesting and valuable. So, I can see that my blog has helped me become a better writer and helped me communicate important points more concisely.

I am sure you can see why I believe blogging is a great marketing tool. If you work at it, you will become more visible and credible to your target market and I think you will enjoy the process.

When you enjoy doing the research to find a topic your clients and potential clients will find valuable and you enjoy writing in a way they will appreciate, you will engage your readers. It is your opportunity to identify a problem, opportunity or change, offer a solution and give it away. That will attract new clients and be a great service to your existing clients.