bored_business_woman.jpgThe number of blogs by lawyers increases dramatically every day. The number of remarkable blogs by lawyers that help create relationships with clients, referral sources and influencers is few indeed. Most blogs written by lawyers are boring. Here are the variety of reasons:

  1. The topics chosen do not address a client problem, opportunity or change. (Clients only care about what impacts them.)
  2. The headline chosen would not attract anyone to read further. (Readers look at the headlines in RSS readers and decide whether to read further.)
  3. They are written linearly thus burying the lead. (Clients do not care about the history of Swiss watch making. They just want to know what time it is.)
  4. They do not answer the readers question: “Why should I spend time reading this?” (If a blogger can’t answer that, why is he or she posting the blog?)
  5. They are written like a legal brief for a judge. (Business clients do not care to read legal jargon with lengthy citations).
  6. They are too long. (Blog readers tend to skim. When they see a long post they don’t start or they start and quit.)
  7. The paragraphs are too long. (Blog readers who skim cannot easily skim long paragraphs.)
  8. They do not include visuals. (Visuals break up the text making it easier to skim or read and provide a visual depiction of the story).
  9. The blogger’s personality-voice is missing. (Clients are not only judging legal expertise. They are judging what it will be like working with this lawyer. Readers like stories. A pedantic writing style does not send the right message.)
  10. The reader is not left with a “takeaway.” (If the reader cannot answer what should be done after reading the post, why should they read it?)