Seth Godin said it well:

Being best in the world is seriously underrated.

There is plenty of scientific research showing that Seth Godin’s point is right.

If you want to learn why you want to be thought of as best in the world, read: 21 Reasons You Must Become an Expert.

I hope you are not a young lawyer who thinks:

There is no way I can be best in the world. I am too young. I am too inexperienced. I can never compete for business against …..He has far more experience than I have.

What you see as a problem, I see as an opportunity. In many cases, the more experienced lawyer is content with his practice right where it is. When you look at his law firm bio, he has not written anything for several years. A potential client cannot download any articles or presentations he has given.

You have a chance to become known as the “best in the world” lawyer in your practice area. Here is how to do it:

  1. Become insatiable to learn more than any other lawyer about your practice area and about your clients.
  2. Start a blog and post regularly and consistently.
  3. Out research other lawyers to find topics your potential clients will value.
  4. Use your blog to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.
  5. Make your blog the most interesting and valuable of any blog in your practice area.

Before blogging, I was able to do this through writing a column and speaking at industry meetings. I had to get the opportunity to write and speak. Now you can create your own opportunity through blogging and webinars.

If you are curious and interested in learning more, take a look at  The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark. Share with me how you can implement some of my ideas and Brian’s ideas.