Ok, here is a list of some things and services I buy because I think they are the best:

  1. Caffè Latte from Starbucks (I recently had a latte from another coffee company and did not recognize the taste)
  2. Mac computers and iAnything from Apple (I especially like that I can get lessons and take classes)
  3. Hotel stays at Ritz Carlton, with special emphasis on the Club Level
  4. The Prisoner Red Wine from Orin Swift winery, Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet from Heitz Cellar winery. (The first fine wine I ever drank was from Heitz Cellar. When we visited Napa one year, Nancy actually talked to Joseph Heitz.
  5. Matt Miller my favorite dentist. It is his attention to detail and his caring attitude.  (I tell Matt that no one gets up and says: “Oh boy I get to see my dentist today”)
  6. Stanley Cleaners. (They just do a better job on my dress shirts.)

I could go on with more favorites, but I think you get the idea.

Seth Godin posted a really interesting blog recently. The title was It’s Just Better Ketchup. He said that in a discussion of why Heinz Ketchup has such a large market share in Pittsburgh, one commentator said: “It’s just better ketchup… When you go to a restaurant and they have a different kind, it feels you are eating at some cheap cafeteria.”

I  found the quote interesting because I feel the same way when I go to a restaurant that does not have Heinz Ketchup. I urge you to read the blog post. You will see that Seth Godin says our attachment to a product, and I would add a lawyer or law firm, is not necessarily because the product is the really the best.

Why am I attached to the products and services listed above? It is because I trust the quality of what I am getting and I value the relationship. So, whether or not the provider is actually “the best,” they are the best for me.

Do your clients have a good reason to say about you and your law firm that “She is just a better lawyer or that firm is just a better law firm?” They will if they trust the quality of your service and value the relationship with you.