Would you be surprised by how few of your senior associates/junior partners have written goals and a business plan? I know I was surprised when I first started coaching new partners in my own firm. It was like they expected to “inherit” the clients when the senior lawyers retired.

football.jpgAs you know, business development is a contact sport and senior associates and junior partners will be successful if, and only if, they make business development part of their habits. I have found that those lawyers who do not have a burning desire will frequently say:

I haven’t been able to do any business development activities because I have been too busy with billable work.

Where can you start, to help your senior associates and junior partners make business development part of their habits? I suggest asking them these questions:

  1. Do you set goals for client development each year and have a plan to achieve them?
  2. Do you break your goals down into actions you can do each month or 90 days?
  3. Do you plan time each week for client development activities?
  4. Are you focused on raising your visibility and credibility to potential clients and referral sources?
  5. Are you focused about your contacts with clients, potential clients, and people who can refer business to you?

I have created a video coaching program with a workbook to help senior associates and junior partners get started with their business plans and client development. Here is a short clip from the video.