Before I begin today, I have to say something about the Dallas Mavericks. They proved that determination and can prevail over talent. Needless to say it was exciting for us in Dallas to watch them come back time and time again and ultimately win their first NBA championship in franchise history.

Can you get anything valuable by being on Twitter? I am asked that question as often as any question on social media.

Legal mTweet.jpgarketing expert, Larry Bodine recently posted a blog: Blogger Tracy Coenen: Twitter is a Failure for Law Firm Marketing. In the post Tracy Coenen aptly points out:

Professional services firms are using Twitter to get their message out. The problem is that no one is listening. Everyone is too busy pushing out their message via Twitter, and they’re spending very little time listening to what others have to say.

I agree. You might recall earlier this year I wrote: Can Law Firms More Effectively Use Twitter. I gave some ideas on what law firms could do other than just pushing out their message to people on Twitter who are not listening. Earlier this year I also wrote You Gotta Hang Out Where Your Clients Hang Out. I pointed out that not one of my construction client decision makers are on Twitter.

I spend more time on Twitter than I would spend if I was practicing law. Yet, if I practiced law I would still be on Twitter. Here are some ways I would use Twitter if I still practiced law.

  • I would use it as one tool to listen and locate information my clients might care about. Several construction associations are on Twitter. Several construction periodicals are on Twitter.
  • I would use it as one tool to disseminate information and links I believe construction contractors might find valuable. I would prefer not to email them each time I find an article or something else that might interest them. I would let them know that I will post what I find valuable to Twitter and my Facebook Construction Law Page.
  • I would post a link to my blog posts, articles, presentations and other content. I realize this is pushing my content and it will not likely be found by any contractor decision maker. Yet, I would do it because it takes so little time.
  • I would connect and interact with construction influencers on Twitter. While none of my client decision makers are on Twitter, some construction influencers are.

I believe I could do everything I just described in less than 30 minutes a day. If it took longer, I might reconsider. If you want to learn more about using Twitter as a lawyer, read Twitter for Lawyers: 10 Under-Reported Secrets of Success. I think you will find some valuable ideas there.