When I was a young lawyer, I rarely read fiction. Instead, I read books and articles that I thought would help me become a better lawyer and more valuable to clients.

While I read a lot of fiction today, I still enjoy learning new ideas about client development and people skills.

I am often am asked what my favorite blogs and podcasts are on those subjects, so I thought I would share some of them with you.

Seth Godin is the marketing guru and a lot of what he writes about applies to lawyers.

Years ago I read In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters. Go to the Tom Peters Website to find many valuable materials on marketing.

Jackie Huba has written three books on customer (client) loyalty. I know you will find them helpful .

Scott Ginsberg is an excellent writer on becoming more valuable to clients. If you go to his regular website there are dozens of good articles on networking etc.

David Meerman Scott is a Web era marketing guru. Years ago I read his book The New Rules of Marketing & PR. I found many ideas I could have applied if I was still practicing law. On his website you will find plenty of free stuff.

I regularly read Brian Solis blog

Copyblogger is my favorite site on blogging and writing.

Chris Brogan is co-author of Trust Agents a great book every lawyer should read.

Personal Branding Blog has excellent ideas on personal branding.

Each year, Social Media Examiner publishes its Top 10 Social Media Blogs. Here are the Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2014 Winners!

My favorite Podcast is The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. I like it becauseJohn Jantsch interviews all the people above and more.

I learn something valuable from each of the blogs and podcasts above. You will also.Continue Reading Recommended Blogs and Podcasts: Try Some of These