How do I ask for the business and close the sale?

That is among the questions I am most frequently asked. The lawyers I coached frequently added that they had built their profile and relationships, but they simply had not found a way to convert it to business.

Do you have the same question?

I could give you and the many lawyers who ask the question an answer, but I think you will find it way more helpful to answer the question on your own with me giving you clues along the way. So, for the next few days, I will give you parts of the puzzle. If you find the thoughts helpful, share the blog with your friends and discuss what you get out of each post.

So, here is your first clue: If you don’t know how to ask for business, think about why you don’t know. Many lawyers I coach will say:

“I want the business, but I don’t want to come across to my friend/contact like I am exploiting our relationship.”

Other lawyers I coach say:

“I want the business, but I do not want to come across like I am a used car salesman.”

Think about your reason for not knowing how to ask for the business. Think about the two reasons I shared with you.

Does that give you a clue?

I will give you a second clue: If you have read Seth Godin’s book Linchpin, you will likely have a good idea. Although the book does not address lawyers and clients and does not specifically answer how to ask for business, it does give you clues you can use.

So the first clue to answer how ask for business is to ask and answer why you uncomfortable doing it.