As many of you know, in 1996 I moved my law practice from Virginia to Texas. How could I do that? Well, I had to get licensed to practice law in Texas. But. more importantly, I had developed a niche national and portable practice.

Most of my work for clients was not in Virginia or Texas. That was the primary reason I joined a national firm with many offices throughout the country.

Today I am presenting a webinar for the Military Spouse JD Network. Prior to being asked to present, I wasn’t aware of the organization.

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Nancy could share some of the challenges of being a military spouse. We got married on June 6, 1970. I was in law school and she had finished one plus years of college.

In December, 1971 I went on active duty in the USAF in San Bernardino, CA. Nancy attended University of California at Riverside. In 1973, I was assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB, in Ohio. Before we left in 1976, Nancy obtained her degree from Wright State University.

In all, she attended 7 colleges and had significantly more hours than a normal student.

Develop a Niche Portable Practice

So what will I tell the military spouse attorneys? If they want to practice law in firms, they need to develop a niche portable practice, a practice that can travel with them.

There are several practices that would meet this criteria. For the most part, they are industry based practices, like mine, or national practices usually based on a federal law.

Become Proficient Using Social Media

Second, I will tell the lawyer military spouses they need to become proficient using social media to build relationships and maintain them.

Does this subject interest you? Here’s a link to the slides and here is a link to the Military Spouses Handout.