Are you planning on giving any of your favorite clients a gift for the holidays. When I was practicing law, I never gave one of the gifts my law firm marketing department had selected for clients. I always wanted my clients to feel like I had given more thought to the gift I was giving.

Christy Crider is a Nashville lawyer I coached several years ago. When we worked together, she advised me she sent her own family Christmas card with the firm’s holiday card, along with a personal note about something she and the client had discussed or share in common to more than one-half her clients and business contacts.

She also kept a list of every client’s preferences (football teams, kids’ names, hobbies, etc.). She tried to make every gift something that lets them know she didn’t send out 20 others just like it.

For example, when one of her clients had run a marathon with his daughter in the fall, she sent him a hat which said “26.2” and wrote a note about his accomplishment.

Pearl Jam was one of her client’s favorite bands. So, she sent that client a vintage Pearl Jam tee-shirt.

One of her clients was an avid fisherman. So, she sent him a fishing vest.

Those gifts cost less than $30.  Christy told me she was certain she got way more mileage than if she had given anything from her marketing department or a $100 gift basket.

Christy regularly sends me gifts. In my case she knows I love to watch and listen to videos of her singing with the The Woodmont Christian Church Gospelaires. Here is a link to Victory in Jesus, one of my favorites.

What is the point? Your clients will be surprised and appreciate a gift that demonstrates you know what your clients care about.